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Magnyl (Gonadotropin) 5000IU | Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Magnus Magnyl — a Hormone for Quick Recovery

Many mass-gaining courses bring athletes not only the desired muscle volume, but also various negative consequences, including hormonal imbalance and reproductive function. To minimize the harm of steroids to the body, it is enough to buy Magnus Magnyl online in time.

This drug is a synthetic analogue of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is naturally produced by the placenta during pregnancy. In bodybuilding, the hormone has found its use due to its ability to suppress many androgenic effects, including testicular atrophy in men.

The steroid is available in vials and is intended for intramuscular injection. The Magnus Magnyl price is determined by its dosage — 5000 IU. The regimen is determined individually, taking into account the power of AAS.

The Action of Magnus Magnyl

Athletes note that the best effect of hCG shows if you start taking it a week before the end of the steroid course. An additional advantage to numerous positive actions is the low Magnus Magnyl price and its famous possibilities:

  • normalization of the work of the hCG arc;
  • stimulation of natural testosterone production;
  • increased activity of spermatozoon;
  • restoration of testicular function.

You can buy Magnus Magnyl for recovery after AAS in our specialized sports pharmacy online store. We are also ready to advise you on the scheme of administration and dosage of steroids.

Brand: Magnus

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