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Tamoxifen – a powerful estrogen blocker for regenerative PCT

Almost all bodybuilders take steroids. While these drugs are quite effective and capable of many actions, they also have disadvantages. Most anabolics have side effects. Moreover, they are often associated with men's health. The fact is that many AAS reduce the production of endogenous testosterone. Therefore, in order to prevent possible problems, we recommend you to buy Tamoxifen online from our store. This remedy has proven itself from the best side in the framework of post-cycle therapy.

Features of Tamoxifen

Previously, the only purpose of the drug was to treat breast cancer in women. However, over time, drugs that are more effective appeared in medicine, so doctors began to use it much less often. Nevertheless, it has found wide application in another area, namely in bodybuilding. The athletes like the effect of the medication on hormonal balance, so they willingly take it on PCT. Moreover, the Tamoxifen price is quite low.

The drug belongs to the class of aromatase inhibitors. Its principle of action is to block the production of hormones by secondary sex characteristics. Thus, it helps men to reduce estrogen levels, and women – to lower testosterone. In addition, it also has numerous properties:

  • increases power characteristics;
  • improves muscle relief;
  • lowers the level of estrogen;
  • reduces body fat;
  • restores the synthesis of testosterone;
  • lowers cholesterol levels.

Finding this medication is quite simple, because Tamoxifen for sale in many pharmacies. Nevertheless, it is better to give preference to specialized stores. There professionals will help you choose a regimen and tell you more about the medication.

Side effects of Tamoxifen

Although this aromatase blocker is used for regenerative therapy, it can also have harmful impact on the body. Because of some toxicity of the drug, nausea or high body temperature may occur. Other side effects can appear in result of non-adherence to dosages. They include:

  • acne;
  • deterioration of digestion;
  • violation of the heart rhythm;
  • increased sweating;
  • loss of appetite;
  • fatigue.

The best solution is to buy Tamoxifen online from our store. We have a wide selection of sports pharmacology for every athlete's taste. On our site, you will find quality PCT products, fat burners and growth hormones. You can always contact our consultants for help with choosing the right drug.