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Masteron (Drostanol)

Masteron – the powerful cutting remedy for embossed muscles

It is difficult to find an unclaimed steroid in bodybuilding. Each of the existing AAS is in demand among bodybuilders and performs specific tasks. Therefore, many athletes rush to buy Masteron online during the cutting period. Weightlifters have known this drug since 1970 as a working remedy for removing fluid from muscles. The popularity of the medicament has survived to this day. It became especially demand among the representatives of powerlifting.

Features of Drostanol

Pharmacists created the drug back in 1959. Then its only field of application was medicine. The medication helped fight breast cancer in women. However due to the risk of developing virilization, it had to be abandoned. After a while, he again became in demand, but already in sports circles. With its help, bodybuilders dried the muscles and made them more embossed. 

The steroid has high androgenic activity and exhibits a moderate anabolic effect. On the market Masteron for sale in two forms – propionate and enanthate. Both esters have a long half-life and do not require frequent injections. The action of androgen is as follows:

  • makes the muscles more prominent;
  • increases power characteristics;
  • activates the burning of fatty layers;
  • gives firmness to muscle tissues;
  • slightly builds up dry muscles;
  • has the properties of an aromatase inhibitor;

Basically, runners and swimmers seek to buy Drostanol online in order to increase their agility and speed. It also allows them to keep their weight class, which is very important in competitions. In weightlifting, bodybuilders use the drug exclusively during the cutting period.

Side effects of Masteron

It is noteworthy that this steroid does not tend to aromatize. Moreover, it suppresses estrogen production. Therefore, it is more effective for men, and women should refuse to take it. In any case, bodybuilders should be careful when taking this remedy. If used incorrectly, the following effects may appear:

  • changes in blood pressure;
  • nervousness and irritability;
  • the risk of baldness increases;
  • zits and acne appear;
  • testosterone production decreases;
  • the risk of virilization in women.

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