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Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors – properties and the best drugs

Many professional bodybuilders have achieved significant results using steroids. These are medicaments that make it easier and faster to build muscle. Anabolics have many of the advantages, for which athletes love them so much. However, they often have many side effects. Therefore, other pharmacology is also present in the arsenal of athletes. In particular, they are always ready to buy aromatase inhibitors online. It is an effective means for suppressing estrogen.

Features of aromatase inhibitors

Aromatase blockers were originally used as antineoplastic means. Now they are still used in medicine, but not so actively. They gained much more popularity in sports, namely, bodybuilding. Athletes began taking these medications to lower their estrogen levels. This allows getting rid of the excess hormone, and prevent its side effects.

However, estradiol is necessary for the body to function properly. In moderation, it even promotes muscle growth. Taking inhibitory agents allows you to keep the hormonal level normal. In addition, when using them, you can observe the following effects:

  • the risk of gynecomastia is prevents;
  • blood pressure is normalizes;
  • the concentration of anabolic hormones increases;
  • muscle relief increases;
  • potency is restored.

It is noteworthy that only a few anabolic steroids tend to aromatize. These include testosterone-based AAS, methyltestosterone, and methandrostenolone. In other cases, it is pointless to order aromatase inhibitors.

The best drugs

It is important to remember that these medications should only be taken during a course of anabolic steroids or before PCT. If used incorrectly, estrogen levels will be too low. In result, this can lead to health problems.

The most popular aromatase blockers are:

  • Anastrozole – is one of the most demanded and effective. Lowers the level of estrogen, is well absorbed by the body;
  • Letrozole – helps to reduce the concentration of the female hormone. Stimulates testosterone production;
  • Exemestane – deactivates the estrogen enzyme. It is considered the most powerful anti-aromatization drug.

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