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Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Testosterone Phenylpropionate – a powerful drug for musculature and strength

Most steroids are based on the male hormone. Exactly it provides the AAS with the ability to influence muscle growth and increase strength indicators. The popularity of the substance has led to the emergence of new ester-based drugs on the market. All of them are distinguished by their effectiveness and duration of action. Thus, those who need quality muscles want to buy Testosterone Phenylpropionate online. Now it is one of the most effective and demanded anabolic steroids on the market.

Benefits of Testosterone Phenylpropionate

The pharmaceutical company Sicomed Pharmaceutical house first introduced a drug under the brand name "Testolent". It was originally developed for the treatment of breast cancer in women. However, due to the development of masculinization symptoms in patients, the medication had to be abandoned. However, it found a new consumer – bodybuilders. The popularity of the anabolic in sports has survived to this day. Therefore, Testosterone Phenylpropionate for sale in many sports stores.

The action of the drug resembles a cross between Cypionate and Propionate. Therefore, fans of these esters will definitely like this means. It has high levels of androgenic and anabolic activity. The half-life of AAS lasts 4-5 days. During this time, the anabolic is capable of providing a wide range of actions:

  • accelerates muscle gain;
  • increases power capabilities;
  • enhances endurance;
  • shortens the recovery period;
  • reduces body fat;
  • stimulates the synthesis of growth hormone.

The available Testosterone Phenylpropionate price allows it to be taken solo or in combination with other AAS. Novice athletes prefer a course of one anabolic. In this case, the cycle lasts no longer than 6 weeks. Bodybuilders often choose Masteron, Primobolan or Trenbolone as compatible drugs. At the end of each of the courses, it is necessary to undergo a restorative PCT.

Side effects of Testosterone Phenylpropionate

The main disadvantage of anabolic is the tendency to aromatize. Conversion to estrogen can have unpleasant consequences such as water retention, female-type fat deposition, breast enlargement, and more. To prevent these phenomena, the steroid must be combined with aromatase inhibitors. If the AAS is taken correctly, the side effects will not appear. However, if you ignore the instructions and exceed the dosage, the following manifestations are possible:

  • rashes on the body;
  • irritability;
  • hair loss on the head;
  • virilization;
  • nausea;
  • insomnia.

A poor-quality or fake drug can provoke the appearance of side effects. Therefore, we recommend that you buy Testosterone Phenylpropionate online from our store. Cooperation with the best manufacturers of sports pharmacology enables us to provide only original products with a quality guarantee. When placing an order with us, you get great drugs and excellent service.