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Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic Water – the best solution for powder preparations

Sports pharmacology is produced in different forms of release. In addition to the well-known injections and tablets, there are also medicines in powder form. These include growth hormones and peptides. Since they cannot be used dry, athletes use solvents. The most common solutions are Lidocaine, Novocain, or a special liquid for injection. However, the best decision for bodybuilders would be to buy Bacteriostatic Water online. In terms of its properties, it surpasses any other option.

Benefits of bactericidal water

This unique product quickly won the favor of athletes due to its characteristics. The liquid contains three components – sterile water with benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride 0.9% each. Due to this composition, it is able to extend the shelf life of the finished medicine. At the same time, Bacteriostatic Water price is much more profitable than other solvents. The list of the benefits of the substance can be supplemented with the following points:

  • sterility – benzyl alcohol ensures the purity of the water and cleans the powder from microorganisms;
  • easy assimilation – the ready-made solution is absorbed into the blood faster and immediately begins to act;
  • long shelf life – the prepared medicine can be used not immediately, but as needed;
  • convenient storage – to preserve the abilities of a substance, it is enough to store it in an ordinary refrigerator;
  • safety – bactericidal water is used in medicine and does not cause side effects.

Quality Bacteriostatic Water for sale in our store. Much depends on the correct choice of solvent – the quality of the finished solution, the purity of the procedure and the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, we recommend purchasing responsibly.

Application of bacteriostatic water

Before using this liquid for injection, it is necessary to study the instructions for the powder preparation. The fact is that each drug has its own characteristics and properties. The capabilities of the solvent also depend on them. Thus, the shelf life of the peptide and gonadotropin solution will differ. The dosage of the liquid must be selected according to the instructions for the powder.

The rest of the scheme of use is extremely simple:

  1. Sterilize both vials.
  2. Using a syringe, carefully inject the substance into the preparation.
  3. Wait until the powder is completely dissolved. Shaking the bottle is not recommended.

You can easily buy Bacteriostatic Water online in our sports pharmacology store. We also have a wide selection of original peptides and growth hormone. When making an order with us, you get sports pharmacology with a quality guarantee. For additional information, you can always contact our specialists. They will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right drugs.