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Boldenone 250 mg/ml 10 ml/vial | Spectrum Pharma

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Boldenone – Lean Muscles & Increased Strength

Equipoise from the pharmaceutical company Spectrum Pharma is one of the most affordable and high quality bulking steroids. It can be seen equally often among professional bodybuilders and novice athletes. This is not surprising, because this preparation is practically harmless and has good efficacy. But the main reason to buy Boldenone online is the quality result.

The active component of the steroid is boldenone. It is a Testosterone derivative, so it has the same anabolic index. At the same time, the androgenic strength of the substance is reduced. The preparation has a long half-life, so you do not need to do inject too often. And since the Boldenone price is rather low, the course is economical.

Features of Equipoise 

The steroid is produced in injectable form – 10ml vials at 250mg/ml. It has almost no aromatization, has a soft effect on the body and rarely causes side effects. Young athletes also like the low Boldenone 250 price, as it is capable of many things:

  • accelerates the growth of high-quality muscles;
  • increases power capabilities;
  • shortens the recovery period;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • improves appetite;
  • stimulates pumping.

Our store invites you to buy Boldenone 250 online at the best price. Our clients are guaranteed to receive only high-quality original production pharmacology. If you are still in doubt, our experts will tell you more about the preparation and help you make the right choice.

Brand: Spectrum Pharma

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