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Enandrol 250 mg/ml 10 ml/vial (Testosterone Enantate) | Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Balkan Enandrol – Mass and Strength in one Ester

Among the large selection of preparations for weight gain, testosterone esters are in particular demand, which have proven effectiveness and are suitable even for beginners. Therefore, for a rapid increase in quality muscle mass, athletes usually tend to buy Balkan Enandrol online.

The basis of this drug is the action of testosterone enanthate – the «fastest» of the esters of the male hormone. In addition to weight gain, the preparation also demonstrates other useful properties for athletes: acceleration of protein synthesis and tissue regeneration. With this in mind, the Balkan Enandrol price is quite justified.

Enanthate is available in 10 ml vials with a dosage of 250 mg / ml and is intended for intramuscular injection. Due to the oily base, just one injection per week is enough to achieve your goals. The steroid is prone to aromatization, so after the course it is necessary to undergo a PCT.

Effect of Balkan Enandrol

Testosterone enanthate from the Moldovan manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals has received many positive reviews from bodybuilders. In addition, the Balkan Enandrol price is consistent with the effects that can be achieved on the course. Among the positive properties of the anabolic:

  • significant increase in muscle mass;
  • improvement in power indicators;
  • development of endurance;
  • accelerated recovery after training;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • increase libido on the course.

In our online store you can buy Balkan Enandrol, as well as other preparations for mass, cutting and PCT of the original production. Our consultants will help you choose the right steroid and, if necessary, calculate the correct dosage.

Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Enandrol 250 mg/ml 10 ml/vial (Testosterone Enantate) | Balkan Pharmaceuticals Customer reviews

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