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Testosterone – effects and popular esters

Steroids are of great importance in bodybuilding. They make athletes stronger and more enduring, and help them achieve visible results faster. The main reason for the high efficiency of anabolic drugs is their composition. The fact is that almost all of them are based on the male hormone. It is responsible for many processes in the body of a bodybuilder. Many weightlifters find it best to buy testosterone online right away. After all, its esters have many advantages.

Testosterone action

The male hormone exhibits powerful anabolic properties. It influences the rapid growth of muscle mass and the improvement of metabolism. In nature, it is produced by the testes in men, and in women – in the ovaries. However, in bodybuilding, its synthetic analogue is used. It has the same properties and is capable of influencing endogenous testosterone. Taking such medications has the following actions:

  • accelerates the growth of muscle tissue;
  • promotes the development of male genital organs;
  • enhances sexual desire;
  • helps burn body fat;
  • increases power characteristics;
  • strengthens bones and joints;
  • improves blood circulation.

These are just a few of the reasons to buy testosterone injections online. Each of the forms of the substance has its own properties and has a different effect. In addition, the synthetic hormone can be converted to estrogen. Therefore, it often needs to be combined with the intake of aromatase inhibitors.

Best testosterone esters

In sports, several forms of the hormone are actively used. It is not often used in its pure form. This is due to its rapid elimination from the body and a high risk of side effects. It is much easier and more convenient to use esters of a substance. They have a longer half-life and fewer consequences. Among experienced bodybuilders, the following compounds are in greatest demand:

  • Acetate – has a short half-life. Used to build up mass;
  • Propionate – is one of the most popular esters. Gives the muscles firmness and relief;
  • Phenylpropionate – similar to propionate. Has a longer half-life;
  • Enanthate – significantly increases muscle volume. Remains active for several days;
  • Cypionate – similar to the previous type. Stays in the body for a long time;
  • Undecanoate – mainly used to restore hormonal levels.

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