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Test-U 250mg/ml 10ml/vial | Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Magnus Test-U – Powerful Steroid for Muscle Volume

The limited resources of the body are depleted even with regular training and proper nutrition. Then athletes have to resort to the help of sports pharmaceuticals to gain muscle mass. At the same time, many professional athletes try to buy Magnus Test-U online due to its long-term effect.

The active substance of this steroid is testosterone undecanoate. Among other esters of the male hormone, it especially stands out. This is due to its long-term effect in the body. In addition, it has a positive effect on hormonal levels. Interestingly, the steroid contributes to the normalization of estrogen testosterone. However, it is still not recommended for women to take it due to possible side effects. At the same time, the Magnus Test-U price is not too different from its analogues and remains affordable for most bodybuilders.

The medication is available in 10 ml vials with a dosage of 250 mg/ml. Due to intramuscular administration, toxic effects on the liver are practically excluded. However, do not neglect PCT after a course of undecanoate.

Action of Magnus Test-U

The low Magnus Test-U price is just one of the many advantages of the preparation. In fact, he fell in love with many athletes for the excellent results that can be achieved on the course. Among them:

  • accelerated growth of muscle tissue;
  • improvement of indicators of force;
  • strengthening of the skeletal system;
  • increase in the number of erythrocytes;
  • normalization of hormonal balance;
  • increased libido during the course.

In our online store, you can quickly buy Magnus Test-U online. We also have other high quality sports pharma at an affordable price. If you need advice regarding the choice of steroids, please contact our managers: they will be happy to help you.

Brand: Magnus

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