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Anastrozol 1 mg x 25 tabs | Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Magnus Anastrozol — an Aromatase Inhibitor for PCT

Taking steroids of an aggressive group, professional athletes, in addition to a significant increase in mass, can also get a plenty of side effects. Fortunately, in order to minimize the negative impact of AAS on the body, it is enough to buy Magnus Anastrozol online and include it in the course.

The active ingredient of the drug is anastrozole. This substance is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitors. Anastrozol reduces the aromatization of steroids and prevents the development of androgenic side effects. It is noteworthy that with a quick action, the Magnus Anastrozol price is relatively low.

The inhibitor is available in oral form — the package contains 25 tablets with a dosage of 1 mg. The optimal dosage for women is 25 mg per day, for men — 50 mg.

Effects of Magnus Anastrozol

Best of all, Anastrozole from Magnus shows itself if you start taking the medicine 2 weeks before the end of the steroid course. An additional advantage is the affordable Magnus Anastrozol price, but still athletes choose this inhibitor for its wide action:

  • prevention of gynecomastia, impotence and testicular atrophy;
  • stimulation of natural testosterone production;
  • accelerated regeneration of the body after exercise;
  • improved protein synthesis;
  • deep embossed muscles.

You can buy Magnus Anastrozol, as well as get professional advice on taking antiestrogen in our online store. Also here you will find a wide range of sports pharmaceuticals for any needs.

Brand: Magnus

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