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Turanabol 10 mg x 100 tabs | Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Turanabol – Quality Musculature and Increased Strength

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of sports pharmacology from Moldova. Its steroids are of high quality and good result. Therefore, novice bodybuilders often choose them. However, not only beginners, but also experienced athletes can buy Turanabol online in our store.

The anabolic activity of the steroid is 180%, and the androgenic effect is 50%. The uniqueness of the preparation lies in its delayed action. The result from taking it comes gradually, but persists for a long time. Therefore, Turanabol price is lower than that of similar AAS. With it, experienced athletes can create an embossed body, and novice bodybuilders can build muscle.

Advantages of Turanabol

Anabolic is produced in oral form – 10mg tablets. Because of this format, it has a toxic influence on the liver. Other side effects appear only with high dosages and long-term use. The advantages of the steroid are a low Turanabol 10mg price, no aromatization, and a high-quality result:

  • stimulates the growth of quality muscles;
  • increases power capabilities;
  • enhances endurance;
  • makes the muscles harder;
  • burns body fat;
  • removes fluid from tissues.

It is not difficult to buy Turanabol 10mg online in our store. If you have any doubts or need additional advice, our specialists will be happy to help you. We only trade in original products from Balkan Pharmaceuticals and other manufacturers of sports pharmacology.

Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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