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Stanozolol 10mg/100tabs | Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Magnus Stanozolol – A Working Steroid for Mass Gain

Stanozolol is one of the most popular anabolics for bulking cycles. The medication has received many enthusiastic reviews from athletes since its release by the Indian company Magnus Pharmaceutical. Many seek to buy Magnus Stanozolol online in order to accelerate the growth of muscle mass and develop physical strength.

The active substance of the preparation is stanozolol. It has strong anabolic and weak androgenic activity. Thanks to this, the steroid is deservedly considered one of the safest and is suitable even for girls, with virtually no side effects. Surprisingly, with such characteristics, Magnus Stanozolol price is absolutely not overpriced.

The medication is available in oral form – one tablet contains 10 mg of stanozolol. This form allows you to carry the steroid with you and take it at the right time without breaking the regimen.

Action of Magnus Stanozolol

The acceptable Magnus Stanozolol price is only a small additional bonus to the proven efficacy and safety of the anabolic. On the course of this steroid, it is possible to achieve many positive effects:

  • gain a significant amount of dry mass;
  • remove excess fluid from tissues;
  • improve power characteristics;
  • develop endurance;
  • make muscles more elastic and embossed;
  • increase libido.

You can buy Magnus Stanozolol of excellent quality quickly and easily in our online store. We also have a large assortment of AAS, preparations for drying and PCT at reasonable prices.

Brand: Magnus

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