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Testoterone Propionate 100 mg/ml 1ml x 10amps | Zhengzhou

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Testoterone Propionate – Fast Ester for Quality Muscles

Many bodybuilders began their acquaintance with AAS with this preparation. It has fast action and good efficiency. With it, you can speed up muscle gain and make embossed body. Nevertheless, this is not all of its benefits – there are still a lot of reasons to buy Testoterone Propionate online in our store.

The active component of the steroid is propionate. It is a testosterone ester with 100% androgenic and anabolic activity. The half-life of the substance is 1-1.5 days. The only drawback of the preparation is frequent injections. However, it starts to act almost immediately, so the result will be fast. At the same time, Testoterone Propionate price is lower than that of similar AAS. Both novice athletes and bodybuilders that are more experienced like its effectiveness.

Properties of Testoterone Propionate

The release form – 10 ampoules of 100 mg/ml. It is harmless to the liver. The most common side effects: irritation and redness at the injection site, aggression. At high dosages, acne, gynecomastia, baldness and other manifestations of aromatization may occur. To avoid this, you need to combine AAS with aromatase inhibitors. Thanks to the affordable Testoterone Propionate price, you can make an inexpensive course. Its main action:

  • increases strength capabilities;
  • stimulates the growth of quality muscles;
  • reduces the recovery period;
  • locally burns fatty deposits;
  • increases libido and potency;
  • creates an embossed body.

If you want to build muscle tissue quickly and without rollback, then you need to buy Testoterone Propionate online in our store. We trade only original sports pharmacology and guarantee the quality of our products. Also, our specialists can help with the choice of aromatase inhibitors and preparations for PCT.

Brand: Zhengzhou

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