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Oxandrolone 10 mg x 100 tabs | Zhengzhou

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Oxandrolone – Quality Muscles & Strength Growth

Anavar is a soft steroid. This makes it great for beginner athletes. Experienced bodybuilders can use it for cutting courses. It helps to create an embossed body and burn fat. However, most of all reasons to buy Oxandrolone online have runners and swimmers.

The preparation has a strong anabolic effect – 400%, and a low androgenic index – 25%. Its main action is aimed at increasing endurance and speed. It does not cause virilization, so it suits even girls. Moreover, the low Oxandrolone price makes it affordable for any athlete. Its effectiveness deserves special attention.

Features of Oxandrolone

Anabolic is available in 10mg tablets, 100 pieces per pack. As mentioned earlier, it is a soft steroid, so it has minimal influence on the liver and rarely causes side effects. Athletes also love it for its good results and lack of aromatization. In addition, the democratic Oxandrolone 10mg price fully justifies its action:

  • increases strength and endurance;
  • reduces body fat;
  • stimulates protein synthesis;
  • gives the muscles a beautiful shape;
  • accelerates the recovery of the body;
  • reduces the percentage of water in the tissues.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy Oxandrolone 10mg online, then our store is a great solution. We sell exclusively original products from the best manufacturers of sports pharmacology. If you find it difficult to choose, our managers are always ready to help you.

Brand: Zhengzhou

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