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Enandrol 250 mg/ml 1 ml x 10 amps (Testosterone Enantate) | Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Balkan Enandrol – Ampules for Rapid Mass Gain

Preparations from the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals occupy a leading position in the sports pharmaceutical market. Particularly in high demand are steroids for mass, which give a quick result. Therefore, today many bodybuilders prefer to buy Balkan Enandrol online.

The effect of this medicine is based on the ester of the male hormone – testosterone enanthate, which has a fast action. In addition to mass gain, the steroid also helps to improve strength and accelerate protein synthesis in tissues. It is noteworthy that with numerous properties, the Balkan Enandrol price is average on the market.

The preparation is available in 1 ml ampules with a dosage of 250 mg / ml. Due to the oily base of the fluid you can inject it once a week. Since enanthate has a pronounced androgenic effect, it is necessary to undergo a PCT after the course.

What to expect from Balkan Enandrol

Enanthate is the fastest testosterone ester. It shows a noticeable result already in the first week of admission. At the same time, the Balkan Enandrol price is quite affordable for most bodybuilders and is justified by the properties of the drug. On the course of testosterone enanthate, you can:

  • gain high-quality muscle mass;
  • enhance power characteristics;
  • improve endurance;
  • accelerate tissue regeneration;
  • improve metabolism;
  • increase libido.

You can buy Balkan Enandrol as simply and quickly as possible in our online store. If you have any questions regarding the medication, our managers are always ready to advise you.

Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Enandrol 250 mg/ml 1 ml x 10 amps (Testosterone Enantate) | Balkan Pharmaceuticals Customer reviews

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